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PT Digital Solutions is a digital marketing agency suitable for your company's needs.

We offer you a priceless reward; peace of mind to focus on doing what you do best, and leaving client acquisitions to us!

About Us

Thank you for coming to our page – We are PT Digital Solutions. My name is Jordan Matthews, and I joined with my partner and CEO of our company, Patrick Tambe to start our company in February of 2021. We both have backgrounds in engineering, but decided to branch out into another field very new to us at the time. Like many of you, my partner and I are both licensed in Life and Health Insurance and have been working in the industry for many years now. Also like many of you, we experienced the highs of opening your first client’s account and receiving your first big commission check, as well as the lows of having an empty calendar with no prospects on the horizon.

There were many days that left us frustrated, trying to convince friends, family, and even strangers that the products and services we provided were not only valuable, but in many cases necessary – a conversation you may have found yourself giving a prospect on more than one occasion as well. Like many of you, we can be very persuasive, but sometimes that will only take you so far with someone who isn’t convinced of their need of your product. And frankly, we both grew tired of needing to ‘convince’ people at all.

We decided there must be a better way to reach potential customers and clients; people who needed no convincing of buying a particular product or service – how could we reach people who already wanted & needed what we had to offer? That was how PT Digital Solutions got started. We came up with a way to connect with people through social media (Facebook & Instagram mainly), who were already actively looking for the products and services that we provided!

As PT Digital Solutions, we work tirelessly to find and curate people who have genuine interest in financial services & solutions, and bring them right to you! Whether it be Index Universal Life Insurance, Long Term Care, or even Final Expense Insurance, we work to connect ready & willing insurance agents to already-interested clients on the lookout for your products & services! In doing so, PT Digital Solutions offers you a priceless reward; peace of mind to focus on doing what you do best, and leaving client acquisitions to us!

Our reach not only extends throughout the United States, but also abroad in other countries; PT Digital Solutions is committed to providing virtual services globally, with teams in Asia as well as the African continent. No matter the time zone, we look forward to coordinating and guiding you towards achieving your digital marketing goals, be it regarding SEO, graphic and website design, social media marketing, branding or online reputation management services.

Patrick Tambe, CEO and Founder

Jordan Matthews, General Manager

Jemimah Ladeza, Chief Technology Officer

Kevin Tambe, Web Designer/ Cybersecurity Expert

Maverick Segismundo, Lead Gen Specialist

Angela Pelijates, Sales Officer

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